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Bring your characters to life by detailing their personality, appearance, environment, and more. With starryai, you can effortlessly generate and customize AI avatars, unique characters, or entire casts, transforming your ideas into vivid characters.

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Create Art with AI

starryai. lets you create incredible works of art using Artificial Intelligence. Generate AI art simply by describing what you want to see and our AI transforms your words into art. 
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Seamless AI Character Creation

Forget about spending hours on design and brainstorming. With starryai’s character generator, you can craft unique characters in just seconds. Simply describe your character’s looks, traits, and personality, and our AI will bring them to life, no drawing skills required. Welcome to the future of character creation.

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AI Cartoon Characters

Cartoon characters bring a delightful and playful quality to animations, illustrations, comics, branding, and more. starryai empowers you to design cartoon characters with exaggerated features and vibrant colors, enhancing your creative projects with ease.

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AI Fantasy Characters

Explore the world of fantasy with starryai's character generator. Whether you’re imagining mythical creatures, epic warriors, or enchanting beings, specify their physical characteristics and watch your fantastical ideas come to life.

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AI 3D Characters

starryai goes beyond 2D designs, enabling you to create 3D characters. From lifelike humans to imaginative creatures, animals, and fantastical beings, our tool enhances video games, animations, and virtual reality projects with diverse 3D character options.

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John Yorke

Author of 'Red maple' and former Big Five editor, currently working as literary agent at Qualms Literary. His latest book, 'I'll bring you storms' is out on Amazon this fall. You can find him on the web at and on Twitter posting pictures of his corgi at @JohnYorke08
7 years of experience in the publishing industry. 2 successful YA novels.
How to Create AI Characters?

Bringing your AI characters to life is easier than you think! Follow these three simple steps to create your own unique AI character with our AI Art Generator:

Describe Your Character
starryai generates character in seconds
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Join millions in Creating Unique Characters

Start your own creative journey with starryai.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to all your pressing questions about starryai
Can I generate AI characters for free?

Yes! You can generate unlimited characters for free with StarryAI—all you need is an account to log in. If you don’t have one, simply create an account when prompted, and you’ll be ready to go in under two minutes, all for free!

What can I use my AI-generated characters for?

AI-generated characters have versatile applications, including video games, animations, comics, and profile pictures on social networks. Game developers, animators, and authors can visualize characters effortlessly without commissioning custom designs. They are also ideal for storyboarding, concept art, and creating virtual avatars and mascots. You can even turn yourself into a character for use in messages and on social media.

Can I use AI-generated characters for personal and commercial use?

Yes, you can use AI-generated characters for both personal and commercial purposes. However, you are solely responsible for ensuring that your use of the AI-generated content complies with all applicable laws.

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