#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The God of War

#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The God of War

A round up of TOP 12 selections for this week's #starryaiweekly theme: The God of War

What is #starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge?

If you’re new around our neck of the interwebs, you’re probably confused about what #starryaiweekly really is- we don’t blame ya!

#starryaiweekly is an AI art challenge that we host weekly on our Discord community to have some fun & to give our members a chance to win some sweet, sweet credits.

At the start of each week, we host a vote to pick a theme or a prompt for the week’s challenge. The highest voted theme or prompt is then announced on our Discord channel, #starryaiweekly-rules on Thursdays at 12PM EST. Member then have about a week to submit their ai artworks.

On Wednesdays at 12:45PM we host a vote to select the People’s Picks. The vote is casted in 4 brackets, 8 selections in total. At 5:45PM EST, we close the vote, make our count & announce the winners for the People’s Picks. Our editor also takes her pick which is announced together with the People’s Picks.

This week’s #starryaiweekly theme was the Multiverse. To say that it was challenging to pick this week’s finalists would be a highly understated comment. Nevertheless, we worked hard & were able to select the top 12 finalists, 8 of which were put to a vote. Here they are drum rolls

People’s Picks

Ai generated image of Ares
Ares, god of carnage by JosePaulM
An AI generated image of skull deity surrounded by fire
The deity of conflict and chaos sitting on their throne of skulls and bone by sxandro
AI generated portrait of Ares
Aries The God of War by Cybergal
AI generated image of a winged creature surrounded by fire
war god with wings of fire, surveying the battlefield far below by bepisdew

Editor’s Picks

AI generated image of the goddess of war and sex
Minerva, goddess of sex and war | portrait by Australian4Beer
AI generated image of god of war fighting the kraken
God of war versus the kraken by MauriceBennette
AI generated image of a Japanese warlord
Hachiman, Japanese god of war by neradha
AI generated image of a warrior
God of War by JudyRiuliani


Want to Join the Next Round?

We’d love for you to join us in our next round of #starryaiweekly. Head to our Discord community and read the current theme & its rules under the channel #starryaiweekly-rules. Once you have your ai art creation ready to submit, simply copy/paste your creation link from the app and post it on the channel #starryaiweekly-submissions.

Oh and remember, the goal with this weekly challenge series is to come together to have fun, explore our creative curiosity regarding ai art generation and to connect with beautiful creative souls who are on the same artful path as you!

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