Quick Start - How to Use the AI Art Generating App, starryai

Quick Start - How to Use the AI Art Generating App, starryai

This tutorial we will explore using starryai and both of its AI engines individually to help you get acquainted in no time.

Using starryai, an ai generator app, is easy... or it will be once you’re done with this tutorial ;)

Our goal with starryai has always been to make AI Art generation as easy as possible for creators. Thus, our hope is once you get acquainted with the workflow of the ai art generating app, it becomes a seamless, stress-free journey for you to render beautiful creations.

To get started, you have two AI engines to work with:

  1. Altair
  2. Orion

If you’re not familiar with these two ai art generating engines, we suggest reading our article what is starryai.

starryai is offered as a mobile app for iOS and Android, as well as, a web tool.

This tutorial we will explore using both of our AI engines individually to help you get acquainted with them in no time.

Basic Settings

Regardless of the AI engine you use, you'll need the follow universal ingredients to generate an artwork successfully:

  • Text Prompt
  • Initial Image
  • Styles
  • Canvas Size
  • Runtime

Step 1: Enter Text Prompt

The first step is to consider the prompt. When entering the prompt, think of how you’d describe the image to the AI. This can be as abstract or literal as you wish. Alternatively, if you’re feeling lucky you can use the auto-prompt generator (mobile only) to enter a random prompt to work with.

Enter text prompt

Step 2: Upload Initial Image (Optional)

If you're looking for a specific outcome, you can feed the AI engine of your choosing an initial image to work with. This gives the AI a starting canvas regarding what shapes to start with. This is optional but highly recommended for best end results if what you have in your vision is very specific.

Upload ai initial image on the ai art generating app starryai
Screenshot of initial image box on starryai app

Step 3: Select Style(s)

Once you’ve entered your prompt, based on what you’d like the AI to work with, it is now time to consider the Styles.

Styles are a great way to ensure that the artwork generated aligns with your own artistic style and intentions. You can mix and match styles to render unique styles & aesthetic. Each AI has its own collection of styles which we will explore respectfully later on in the guide.

Selection of ai art styles on starryai app
Showcase of styles on starryai app

Step 4: Choose Canvas Size

Next, you’ll need to select the canvas size. We suggest considering the end-goal of the image. If you’re considering to share your ai art on Instagram, then Portrait or Square works best. If you’re intending to produce a series of ai art wallpapers then Wide would be your best option.

select ai art canvas size on starryai app
Choices of canvas sizes

Step 5: Set Runtime

Before you hit the "Create" button, you'll need to set the Runtime for your artwork. Runtime essentially dictates how many iterations the AI needs to run. The more iterations it renders, the more cohesive & detailed the artwork is going to be. Based on your intentions for your art, set a runtime that best fits the criteria.

 ai art runtime settings on starryai
Runtime options on starryai app

Aaaand you're done!

It is now time to hit the "Create" button, sit back, relax and let AI do the work!

create ai art
The button that makes magic!

How to Use Altair

Altair produces dream-like images that are more abstract ai art renders, therefore, if you’re considering to create more whimsical ai artworks, we suggest you try this AI.

To use Altair, all you need to do is tap or click on the Altair icon and simply start typing your prompt for the AI to work with.

The really cool thing about Altair is the wide variety of styles for you to choose from to help guide the AI to create the render in the intended aesthetic.

You can also add multiple prompts, as well as, styles while giving specific prompts a number for the AI to know what weight should that particular prompt have to help create the artwork to match, as close as possible, to your intention. It is a really neat way to fine tune what elements appear more, or less, in the end, in your image. Do you want your witch’s garden to be in a cool spring breeze or are you looking for something with autumn vibes? You have the ability to decide it all!

ai art settings on starryai
Altair settings panel on mobile, starryai

In addition, you can feed Altair an initial image to work with, if you're seeking a specific outcome of your creation.

ai art process images via starryai
Iteration window on starryai

Last but not least, you can play with runtime and the model. The longer the runtime the more the AI will try to perfect your image. As for the model, if you are just starting out, you might prefer the results of the artistic one over realistic, however, the realistic model is the one our community members have been favoring more so since the start.

ai art generator result via starryai
AI Artwork rendered via Altair on starryai

How to Use Orion

Orion produces more cohesive & reality-bending ai art renders. Therefore, if you’re considering to create more hyper elaborate & cinematic ai artworks, we suggest to use this AI for your work.

Art deco ai art via starryai
AI Artwork rendered via Orion on starryai

To get started, much like Altair, you have the option of using a blank canvas or an initial image to get started on your ai art. This, again, is completely optional.

The first step is to enter the text prompt.

We suggest experimenting with your prompts as much as you can to render artworks that match your intentions. After all, art is an act of discovery more than it is of creation.

Once you’ve entered your prompt, based on what you’d like the AI to work with, it is now time to consider the Styles.

There are a variety of Styles you can choose from on Orion. You’re allowed to mix and match up to three styles. We suggest considering each style carefully and deduce, either via research or personal knowledge, if the intended style has historically produced the theme of the prompt as that helps ensure the ai art created is successful & up to your expectations.

Next, you’ll need to select the canvas size.

Finally, you’ll need to select the Runtime.

Aaaand that’s it! It is now time to bake by clicking the Create button.

After You Create Your AI Artwork

Once your ai art is rendered, you have a range of options to expand on your work:

  • You can share your ai art on socials and earn credits.
  • You can directly download the ai artwork in the initial size.
  • You also have the option of Upscaling your ai art, should you need it. Upscaling to 4K is free while any higher resolution will cost you some credits*- but hey, it’s worth it!*
  • You can also publish your artwork to show off on your starryai profile. This will help expand your rapport on the community & get some love on your ai art!
  • You’re also able to evolve the work to further elaborate and expand on your rendered ai art. The process is very similar to the aforementioned workflow. Neat trick: you can create your artwork on Orion and evolve it on Altair and vice-versa. This will allow you to expand your creative horizon massively by using both engines to render extremely unique & astounding works of art for your ai art practice!
ai art actions
Post-creation options on starryai

Join the Community

If you’re looking for more Advanced practices & guides to guide you more elaborately through our ai art generator app, starryai, we suggest to explore our Recipe blog. You’re also invited to join us on Discord where we regularly come together to showcase our artwork, share our tips, tricks, prompts & settings and basically just have a rad time together!


How does AI create art?

The AI follows an algorithm that guides it to create artwork following pattern recognition and image analysis. We wrote a comprehensive guide on how AI create art, here.

Can you sell AI generated art?

Yes! If the artwork generated did not use any assets that could infringe copyright laws, you own 100% of the rights to do with it however you please. For instance, you did not use any initial image for AI to generate the art or used an image that you own.

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