How You Can Use AI To Enhance Your Creative Practice

How You Can Use AI To Enhance Your Creative Practice

We believe that using the AI we, as artists, can enhance our creative practices and expand our artistic horizons.

If you’ve been in the digital art world for sometime, you may have noticed a surge in AI generated artwork. More and more artists have been buzzing around the interwebs, sharing their AI generated creations & expressing their sheer excitement over it.

However, that has left some of us scratching our heads wondering what the rage is all about.

If you’re one of them, read on, my friend, this one’s for you!

To give you a quick overview, AI generated artwork is any artwork created with the assistance of AI. It can be a work created autonomously by AI systems or a work that is a collaboration between a human and an AI system.

Now, there are a few AI art generator apps, one of them being starryai. Such apps allow users to input a word prompt to generate artworks. One can tweak settings, artistic styles & use a variety of combinations to render unique, whimsical creations.

With all that said, there has been a little concern brewing up amongst traditional artists regarding the relevance of AI generated art & the possibility that it can take over traditional mediums rendering artists moot.

To that we say, it is simply not true.

In fact, we believe that using the AI we, as artists, can enhance our creative practices and expand our artistic horizons.

How, you ask?

We’re glad you brought that up!

Fantasy Lanscape AI Art
AI Artwork of a fantasy palace generated via word prompt on starryai app.


Since the beginning of time, there hasn’t been an artist who wasn’t plagued by the seasonal droughts when it comes to of inspiration. As we all know, the conception of art is directly rooted in inspiration & so having lack of it renders artists useless, forcing some of them to never return to their practice again.

For such times, having an AI art generator can help tremendously. We, ourselves, have had struggled with such droughts and let us tell you... having the AI generate fantastical, vibrant creations have not only helped generate ideas for our next artwork but have also helped awoken those slumbering creative neurons & got them buzzing with delight to create the next masterpiece.

Portal AI Art
AI Artwork of a portal generated via word prompt on starryai app.


Not only can AI art generator help get those creative juices flowing to get you started on your next big creation, it can also be somewhat of an art assistant to support you into bringing your vision to fruition.

Artists can use AI art generators to create the initial canvas for their artwork. The process would involve generating the initial canvas via word prompt, taking the rendered image & morphing it beyond the app. This can be done digitally using applications such as the Adobe Creative Cloud or other creative software. Alternatively, artists can also use the creation for traditional formats as well, such as printing it out & using mixed media practices to create a tangible art piece.

Another method would be to reverse the process. One can start with a blank canvas on their own using their chosen method of creation. The finished work can then be fed to the AI to generate a new iteration.

In fact, one can use a varying combination of the two methods & create their own unique processes to generate artworks that have never been seen before.

Vibrant Landscape AI Art
AI Artwork generated via word prompt on starryai app.

Accessible Art Creations for Non-Visual Creators

AI art generators aren’t just for the visual creators & storytellers. In fact, they can be such great tools for the non-visual creators to help them expand on their work. For instance, Musicians who want to be involved in the creation of their cover/album art but lack visual creative skills can now use AI art practices to help bring their sonic creations to full fruition. Similarly, creative writers who aren’t yet able to commission or partner up with talented illustrators and/or book cover designers, can use AI art generators to help complete their written works for publications.

Misty Landscape AI Art
AI Artwork of fairies in a forest via starryai app.

It is for everyone

So many of us have been left behind dreaming & wishing that they too could express their ideas visually & creatively. As we all know, one requires dedication & grit to truly be able to create fantastic art. However, a lot of us do not have the ambition nor the time to dedicate to honing such artistic skills.

Thus, having AI art generators makes it possible for all of us to participate in making art that brings more joy to our world. Folks can get creative with their word prompts & artistic settings to generate creations that are unique to them & allows them to express themselves creatively- an opportunity that’d be practically impossible otherwise.

ai artwork of stars in a jar
AI Artwork of stars in a bottle generated via starryai app.

A Budding Community

Expanding on our belief that art should be accessible to everyone. We truly believe that AI art practice has given birth to a wholesome & warm community where we can all belong, finally. What’s more is that having people come together from all aspects of life & vocations is such a grand way to celebrate art & help each other strive in all artistic capacities.

For such reason, we created a wholesome community of budding and expert artists exploring AI art practices in addition to other forms of art media. Having a place to share you artwork, discuss ideas, offer feedback & critiques is how we can make this world a more enchanting & magical place for us all.

If you’re curious about dabbling into AI art generators, as well as, getting more involved in AI art practices but aren’t quite sure where to start, we invite you to explore our AI art generator app starryai & join us on Discord to see how others have been using it to expand their artistic horizons.

Until next time, fellow art maker!

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