Featured Resident Artist: Deescottmom

Featured Resident Artist: Deescottmom

An interview with one of our Resident Artists, Deescottmom

Deescottmom is one of our Resident Artists at The Starryaiway. Their ai artwork explores surrealistic themes with fantastical imagery filled with vibrant colours & exuberant forms.

A mom and a talented nail technician, Deescottmom has quickly become an avid AI artist who primarily uses starryai as their AI art generator.

We recently had a candid interview with our Resident Artist to get to know them and their art better so we can better their art and share their magical works with the world.

abstract portrait created via AI art generating app, starryai
"Geometric Man in a Mask"

Q: What made you get involved in AI art?

A: I saw a friend of mine posting his stuff on Facebook and took an immediate interest since I've always enjoyed drawing and art in general.

Q: What themes do you tend to explore in your AI art?

A: I enjoy exploring a mix of themes. But some of my favourites are very bright neon colouring and a dreamy realistic look.

sci-fi landscape AI generated art
The Gem at the center if the multiverse, beautiful blues, Cosmic bodies

Q: What's your typical creation process look like?

A: I usually start in Orion with as clear a prompt as I can. Example: "Galactic spaceship"

Then, If I want a specific style, I will add that in after the prompt.

Example continued: "Galactic spaceship" | fauvism |

I will proceed to pick some style prompts i think will get me closer to the look I want. Then once I see how that is has processed, I will evolve it a few times, still using Orion and removing the initial image.

If it's still not quite doing what I want, I will then move it to Altair without removing the initial image. Then I will evolve it again, using Orion again.

This method seems to do good about helping to change up how the image has been processing. Especially for more abstract looks. I just like to play around till I get what close to what I'm looking for.

abstract AI generated art portrait of a priestess
Beautiful Afterlife Priestess

Q: What tools and software do you use to create your AI art?

A: Starryai mostly, but sometimes I will use Dream or pictures I take for an initial image.

Q: What do you love the most about using starryai?

A: I love the community. Everybody is very helpful and welcoming.

What's your favourite Ai Art creation:

fantasy scene generated via AI art generating app, starryai
"Another world in a glass jar with a young woman looking at the jar"

Q: Why do you love this piece?

A: It took me a lot of time to get like I want and when it finally got there, the satisfaction was awesome.

Q: Who are some of your favourite artists & why?


Ástor Alexander

His character portraits and work are just impeccable. I love the detail and unique look he brings the characters.


I have been a fan of this style since I was a child. Hayao Miyazaki has really brought his world's to life with the insane designs and beautiful worlds.

Gustav Klimt

His work is a classic that I can never forget. Just the beautiful use of colour and stylized imagery.

Sophie Anderson

Beautiful portraits that seem to really catch the essence of the people pictured.

Fantasy ai art generated image of wizards casting a spell
Many Wizards across the multiverse working together for one huge spell

Q: Where do you see yourself in the near future in terms of your art practice/hobby?

A: I'm honestly not 100 percent sure. But I do want to start using the art I make using ai to enhance my nail art experience as a nail technician. I want to be able to customize beautiful and unique pictures for people that we can then redo by hand onto their nails.

Such a great idea to use AI art to make nail art more unique and grand!

Q: What advice would you give to someone who's just starting out with AI art?

A: Be patient. Use the tips, tricks, and guides available to you from others. I rushed headlong into everything when I first started and I got better, but wasted so many credits in the process because I wasn't being specific.

Q: What advice would you give yourself when you were first dabbling in AI art?

A: The same. Patience and look to others for help.

Oh, we love that advice! Nothing helps expand your creative horizons more than seeking and getting help from fellow AI artists. The next key then is to experiment, explore & be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will your creative AI art portfolio ;)

AI generated artwork of a scene in the underworld
Hades with flaming blue hair watching over them

Want to connect with our Resident Artist and the Creative Community?

Join our budding community of 10K+ members and collectively share your magic. Our community is filled with invigorating conversations where members share their best AI artworks, the gone-wrongs, works in progress as well as help each other out by sharing prompt inspiration, tips and tricks and giving critiques.

We also host a weekly creative challenge, #starryaiweekly, to help keep the creative juices flowing. Winners get 100 credits to keep thing a liiittle competitive ;)

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